XET Token

The XET token is the native currency of the Xfinite ecosystem. XET is functions as a unique value exchange and governance mechanism for all stakeholders including users, brands & influencers, and content producers.

XET is a token on the Algorand blockchain.

Why Algorand?
Low costs Algorand is cost effective at scale and therefore perfect for microtransactions. Average cost is less than 0.001 USD per transaction.
Energy efficient Algorand has minimal computation requirements, making it extremely environmentally friendly.
Pure Proof-of-Stake (POS) Algorand removes the technical barriers of blockchain, solving the security, scalability and decentralization trilemma.
Instant payments Transactions are immediately finalized, even faster than for large payment and financial networks.
Scalable Algorand can scale to a high level of transaction throughput. Payments remain cost efficient and fast even when used by the 200m+ potential users of the Mzaalo app.
Protocol Evolution The consensus protocol can be easily upgraded to better fit the future needs of users.

Use of Blockchain technology

Token distribution