XET: Powering
the Xfinite

XET helps fans access creators, brands give
back to users, and creators build communities.

What role will you play in a XET powered economy?


Help grow and secure XET by acquiring and staking XET on exchanges. Earn Algo and LP tokens in exchange!

Ecosystem partner

If you want your ogranisation to be a part of the decentralized future of entertainment, reach out to us today!


Access to millions of users, creators like Charles Darby, NFT launchpads and propel your content into the metaverse with us.

XET distribution


Rewards pool

1) NFT unlocks
2) Community contests
3) DAO bounties and more


Strategic partnerships

1) NFT listing and marketplaces
2) For content, brands, and distribution partners


Token Sale

1) For listing on exchanges
2) NFT related programs


Staking rewards

1) Yield farming
2) ALGO, ETH, and other staking pools



1) Tokens locked for 3 years
2) Part of full compensation
3) Allocated for next 5 years

XET is built on the Algorand blockchain

Energy efficient

Algorand is one of the few blockchains built to become carbon negative from the first transaction.

Cost efficient

With average transaction costs at 0.001 USD Algorand is cost-effective at scale and perfect for microtransactions.


Transactions are immediately finalized, faster than large payment and financial networks, Algorand operates at 1000 TPS.

Programmable protocol

Algorand is one of the fastest evolving protocols and the first to introduce state proofs for interoprability.

Immediately scalable

Algorand can scale to a high level of transaction throughput. Payments remain cost efficient and fast even when used by Mzaalo users.

Pure proof of stake

Algorand is one of the strongest networks working on solving the security, scalability and decentralization trilemma.

"With major partnerships with organizations that have millions of users, we are excited to support Xfinite's new applications and welcome them to the Algorand community."

Sean Ford, COO, Algorand

What the future holds

Q4, 2018


1. Idea conceptualisation

2. Security token preparations and launch

Q1, 2019


1. Eros partnership

2. Security token closing

Q3, 2019


1. Microsoft partnership & Scale-Up program

2. VuRail Partnership

Q4, 2019


1. Streaming platform Mzaalo Alpha release

2. Rewards and e-commerce v1.0 release

Q1, 2020

dApp scaling

1. Streaming Platform

2. Beta Release

Q2, 2020

Full dApp release

1. Streaking Platform Public Release

2. Linear Channels Integration

Q3, 2020

Ad Tech

1. Streaming platform V2.0

2. Ad Tech Integration

3. Dailyhunt Partnership

Q4, 2020

Reward partners

1. Blockchain Rewards

2. Mzaalo Wallet

3. 600+ Reward Partners

Q1, 2021

Stories launch

1. Influencer Stories XET Token Launch (testate)

Q2, 2021

Fan tokens

1. Fan Tokens

2. Engagement SDK XET Token Closing & Listing

3. Algorand Mainnet Integration

4. Digital Goods

Q3, 2021

Data rights

1. Brand Campaign / BI Tools Blockchain

2. Data Rights Management

Q4, 2021

Token listing

1. XET Token Listing on Exchange

2. Staking Programme launch

3. NFT marketplace launch

4. Mzaalo dApp Mainnet launch

Q1, 2022


1. NFT Launchpad

2. App Accelerator

3. Launch of ETH and BSC Bridge

4. First cohort App Accelerator

Q2, 2022


1. Solana Bridge launch

2. Games Ecosystem

3. Indexer release

Q3, 2022

DRM Launch

1. DRM Launch

2. Fan token development

3. Second Cohort for App Accelerator

Q4, 2022


1. Fan token launch

2. E-store launch for Digital creators

Buying & Staking