Redefining the
Future of

We believe entertainment should be available to everyone — at any time — and always for free.

How it Works

Xfinite is a digital platform that aspires to change the world of entertainment for the benefit of its community.

Using blockchain technology, Xfinite will provide a decentralised model for content provision and distribution. This creates a new generation of media producers and consumers. It empowers them to make choices and decisions that directly shape the future of the entertainment industry in a new age of digitisation.


Premium content readily available through exclusive licensing agreements with media giants. Viewers will be rewarded for accessing it for free.

User Experience 

Xfinite will broadcast original content that is fun, exciting, and engaging to watch. Users can provide feedback and access Xfinite-exclusive promotions, whilst also being incentivised.


Industry moguls will use the platform to look for future stars through performance tracked user-generated content. Content producers will be rewarded for their contribution and engagement. Xfinite will incentivise gamers and coders to create new content.


Xfinite intends to revolutionise the entertainment industry by instilling familiarity and loyalty through incentivisation and rewards. In turn, this attracts a large, vibrant media community on the blockchain. The community will be empowered to engage in the future development of the entertainment industry.


Demand for online, on-demand films, TV, sports and other entertainment has grown dramatically, as smartphones and faster internet access have become more readily available around the world.

Xfinite will initially focus on SE Asia and Middle East, where favourable demographics and economic prospects mean that growth in media consumption is predicted to be highest.

Viewer behaviour is changing

Videos and other content are increasingly being accessed by mobile devices. Viewers in India spend more time watching video content on digital devices rather than on TV. Their average of 8 hours and 28 minutes each week of digital viewing significantly exceeds the global average.

Limelight Networks, The State of Online Video 2018

Creating incentives combats piracy

Piracy causes huge losses to film producers —it always has—but once content became digital it also became extremely portable and so theft has become endemic. The Asia-Pacific region suffers the largest online piracy losses, which are expected to “double between 2016 and 2022 to nearly US$20 billion”.
Digital TV Research 2018

Digital advertising revenue is growing

“Digital remains the dominant growth area with 25% of global advertising spend expected to be delivered through mobile for the first time. Digital is now the leading form of advertising in 21 out of the 59 markets we track.”
Dentsu Aegis 2018 ad spend report.

A tokenised digital entertainment ecosystem

The entertainment industry is beset by limitations:

Viewers face access barriers - by platform, format, location or cost

Piracy is rife, meaning content producers are not fully compensated for their work

Brands lack the kind of data that can help them deliver advertising campaigns that resonate.

What if we could reset the relationship between viewers, content owners and brands?

Xfinite believes this would resolve these industry problems and create a fairer system for all. It uses blockchain technology to create new opportunities for the production, distribution and consumption of streamed digital content.




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