The Expanding Ecosystem of Xfinite

The future of business, especially in the blockchain space, is of networks of companies seamlessly coming together to provide value to the customer. The astronomical success of some projects creates a mystique around being a market leader, but this hides the reality of modern business, where partnerships are key. This is most important in the entertainment industry, where shifting and eclectic consumer tastes demand versatile and fluid market offerings.

Xfinite has made strong partnerships a fundamental part of the project vision, and exciting progress has been made in this area. The company looks forward to the coming months when symbiotic value will be created through these enticing partnerships.

Solid fundamentals: Algorand

Early this year, Xfinite announced their close partnership with ‘Algorand’, a partnership which has developed in tandem with the rest of the expansion of their ecosystem. The technical capabilities of Algorand are unmatched in the blockchain space, with impressive transaction throughput and settlement speed. The design of the Algorand system with its fully Pure Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism delivers this performance speed without compromising security, which is at the core of Xfinite’s mission.

Mass adoption: Eros Now

The holy grail for the crypto industry is crossing the chasm into the mainstream market. Thanks to their very synergistic partnership with Eros Now, a leading South Asian entertainment delivery platform, Xfinite is achieving just that. With its movie streaming platform, Mzaalo, Xfinite taps into the Eros Now user base of millions of viewers and counting. The Eros Now platform is available in over thirteen languages and uses an innovative business model wherein viewers can gain rewards for watching their favourite content from some of the world’s most watched entertainment stars.

NFT runaway success: IPIP NFT

The challenges of the coronavirus overshadowed a lot of success stories from the past year or so, including the meteoric rise of the NFT. With the value of the sector increasing exponentially, the strategic usefulness of this technology for Xfinite’s ambitions is clear. Xfinite got involved in the fundraising for the exciting IPIP NFT platform, a relationship that has recently blossomed into a collaboration between the two companies and Eros Now to innovate new ways to give viewers a piece of the content they enjoy so much.

Dynamic infrastructure: StrongNode

Technology solutions are only as good as their performance record, and Xfinite’s revolutionary business model and ambitious vision require a rock-solid yet agile infrastructure capability to reach the millions (or billions) of users it is on track to serve. StrongNode was a clear partner choice for these needs, with its novel design for distributed edge networking which leverages the unused computing resources all around us to provide a powerful yet scalable node-as-a-service infrastructure solution.

Rounding out the ecosystem

A company’s big key partnerships define the modern tech industry, but it is also vital to fit one’s company into the wider landscape with as many fruitful relationships as possible. Xfinite is excited about continuing development in this regard, having already established up-and-running relationships with some of the biggest brands in the world, like Microsoft and Adidas, and hundreds of others. Finally, the importance of investment relationships can not be overstated, and Xfinite managed to attract investment support from some of the most eminent investment figures in the tech industry, such as Ceras Ventures, FBG Capital, Borderless Ventures, DEXTools, Black Mamba Ventures, and more.

Collaboration prospers

The old saying that “your network is your net worth” has never been more true. Xfinite has been blessed to partner with some of the most successful and dynamic companies in the crypto and wider business worlds, which bodes well for the future of the company.

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