Xfinite to Redefine the Future of On-Demand Digital Media & Entertainment

SINGAPORE, December 16th, 2020: Xfinite aims to transform the global digital media sector by developing new technologies that will improve the digital viewing experience through a data-driven transformation of the ecosystem economics that underpin the consumer-producer relationship in digital media. It is a technology-enabled solution to ensure transparency and re-establish trust in the digital world, after a decade of declining trust globally.

Prior to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, demand for original digital content was already at historic highs. Due to entire populations under some form of lockdown, billions of consumers have increasingly found themselves in front of their mobile, computer, or television screens more and more. At the same time, digital media content developers and producers have been struggling to maintain viewers on their platforms.

“Our goal is to make premium, exclusive content freely available for everyone, which we will seek to do by redefining the relationship between content producers, brands, and viewers. By creating a mutually beneficial system, we will give users a better experience, brands more effective data, and content producers the ability to get appropriately compensated for their intellectual property,” said Xfinite CSO Mario Casiraghi.

In their efforts to redefine this relationship, Xfinite recently launched a decentralized application called Mzaalo, which is a gamified video-on-demand platform explicitly targeted at the Indian streaming market. Secured by the Xfinite Blockchain Platform, Mzaalo provides free access to premium content, user rewards, and a range of interactive features. Consumers are rewarded for watching movies, free digital entertainment, engaging with content, and by actively participating in the community. Users earn coins that can be spent on premium content, merchandise, partner products, digital gifts, digital goods, games, and charitable giving

“We know that cost barriers exist for streaming, and they fuel piracy and illegal file sharing, which negatively affects content producers, which in turn fuels a vicious cycle of market fragmentation and increased pricing for consumers. What Xfinite does is harness the power of blockchain — transparency, accurately recording usage, and delivering real-time data — while rewarding viewers for watching and participating,” said Swaneet Singh, CEO of Xfinite.

Xfinite has thus far integrated 25 content partnerships, both on-demand and live TV, from players such as Eros Now, Hare Krsna, DSTV, NewsX, and others. Through these partnerships, Xfinite has developed a library of over 50,000+ hours of content across premium movies & series, news, spiritual, lifestyle, kids, sports, and regional programming channels as well as being able to cross-market to a pre-existing potential user base of over 206 million people.

About Xfinite

Xfinite is a blockchain-based platform designed to re-establish trust between consumers, content creators, and publishers. Through the use of viewer-based rewards, the Xfinite ecosystem helps the media and entertainment industry combat advertising fraud by increasing transparency and creating a new habit of engagement.

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